Microsoft Word Level 2 - Seminar

Microsoft Word Level 2 - Seminar

Our Microsoft Word Level 2 Seminar is an intermediate level tutor-led, one-day session which will build on your existing knowledge of this popular Word Processing program. You'll be guided through more indepth features such as using styles and themes, working with charts and tables, mail merge and macros. 


This one-day seminar covers the more advanced features of Microsoft Word and will increase your skills in using this program to an intermediate level.

It is appropriate for anyone with a basic understanding of Microsoft Word who would like to gain knowledge of the more advanced features of this program.

Some of the topics you'll cover during this seminar include;

  • How to work with section breaks and columns
  • Managing tables and table data - create, modify and use tables and the data within them
  • Using mail merge styles 
  • To create, modify and use styles and themes
  • Creating custom graphic elements
  • How to create and use templates
  • How to run and edit existing macros to automate tasks.

We can train using Microsoft Word 2013 or 2010, depending on your requirements. Even if we don't have any dates showing below, contact your local training centre to find out when they might be running the next session!

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