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Case Study: Sarah Tomkins

Case Study: Sarah Tomkins

Sarah Tomkins - “I changed my mind”

Sarah Tomkins is 20 and from Cheshire.

Sarah did part of her first year at uni and then came to Pitman after she realised it wasn’t for her.  She has now studied 90% of Executive PA Diploma and carried out some legal modules to create a specialism  - she now has a job in a solicitors with the ultimate goal of securing Executive PA role eventually.

Here’s a bit more background on Sarah:

Why did you initially go to university?

As I completed my A-levels, I was strongly advised to attend university. I decided to go to the University of Manchester. I successfully met the entry requirements, for the course I preferred the most. I thought I wanted to become a journalist so studied BA (Hons) in English Language. ; I later changed my mind after completing a year of this course

Why did you feel Uni wasn't right for you? 

I originally thought that I wanted to become a journalist. Moreover, as I completed a one day journalism experience course, in which a North West BBC journalist volunteered to provide encouraging information about journalism; I concluded that this really wasn't the career path, that I wanted to choose. 

Pitman Training commented: “It is very difficult to decide at school age exactly what you want to do and it was very brave of Sarah to change track and admit to herself and others that the uni course was not going to give her a career she would enjoy. People should not fear changing their mind, when they know deep down their first choice was not right. Following a path that is not for you will only lead to frustration - much better to re-group and start again down the right path. Good for you Sarah!”

What are your career goals now? 

I am currently undecided as to what career path I want to go down, but I am indeed open to any additional training; that may further my prospects. I would much prefer an office role, for example; an administrative/office assistant position.

Pitman Training commented “By undertaking the training within the Executive PA Diploma Sarah is giving herself lots of options as this qualification can be a grounding for many careers, in many different industries. It is a highly recognised qualification and one Sarah can continue to build on”.

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